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The Salt Pans of Gozo

The Salt Pans of Gozo

by Ann Evans

I'd never given much thought to salt. Our bodies need it, but not too much; we sprinkle it on icy roads and paths to stop us slipping; and its uses go way back in history.

Other than that, salt is salt. Until that is, I went to Gozo, the tiny sister island to Malta and saw the amazing salt pans.

    Real English Tea with a Difference

    Home Grown in Cornwall

    Since 1335, the Tregothnan Estate, which stands just outside Truro near the River Fal, has belonged to the Boscawen family. The family's interest in unusual plants has been handed down the generations.

      My New Career - West London Walks

      By Caroline MacMillan

      It was my local council who, as I entered the second half of my sixth decade, unknowingly launched me into a new career.

      How to be cyber-streetwise

      Simple steps to improve cyber security

      What do you need to look out for when shopping online? Is it time to strengthen your passwords and update software?

        Which Sport Should You Take Up After You Retire

        Retirement doesn't (and shouldn't) mean you have to stop having fun think of it as a new window of opportunity; the next chapter in your life so to speak.

        Venice - The Bride of the Sea

        La Serenissima

        La Serenissima - the city that is wedded to the sea each year when a ring is cast into the lagoon seemed wreathed in sunshine as a beautiful bride should be. Venice sparkled with the light dancing on the waves as we crossed to the Lido by water bus.

          The Orkney Island Chapel

          The Glory of God in Concrete

          The Orkneys Islands had been at the forefront of two world wars and the spirit of a small group of people forced to work there during the Second World War, left a tiny jewel that stands as a testimony to that spirit.

          Top 5 Tips for Happy Hips

          The hips are one of the most important parts of the human body.

          From walking and running, to dancing and simply getting out of a chair, hips play a crucial role in helping to keep mobile. To ensure that hips are kept healthy, natural supplement, Litozin+, which is clinically proven to help with joint pain and mobility problems, has put together its top five tips for happy hips.

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